Our comfortable monthly contact lens


UV protection

Our daily disposable and monthly contact lenses have up to 50% UVA and 95% UVB integrated protection. This helps to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays.


Soft Comfort Design

Round edges create higher oxygen supply and improved fit to ensure less irritation when blinking. Designed and shaped for maximum comfort.

Clearlii Monthly is our comfortable monthly contact lens. The lenses have an aspherical design and provide clear and sharp vision. With its unique lens edge, Clearlii monthly can achieve better tear circulation and comfort all day.

A monthly contact lens can be worn for up to 30 days. The lenses should be removed and cleaned every night with a lens solution. When not in use, the lenses should be kept with a solution in a lens case.

Quantity 6/box
Power Ranges -1.00 to -7.00, +1.50 to +3.50
Base Curve 8.6
Diameter 14.0
Wearing Time 1 Month
Material Polymacon
Water Content 38%

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All Clearlii contact lenses are designed and shaped for maximum comfort. Clearlii works together with well-known producers to ensure that we can always offer our customers the best products. As a user of Clearlii’s products you can rest assured in the knowledge that all products have been subject to thorough controls by both the producer and the pharmacy.

Clearlii Monthly
Clearlii Monthly

Quality and control

Clearlii’s contact lenses are manufactured in high-tech, ultramodern factories where every lens is photographed to ensure the highest level of quality in all our products. All Clearlii contact lenses are manufactured under strict international regulations so that we can guarantee products of the highest quality.

User instructions

Preparing the contact lens for use

  • Always wash your hands thoroughly with a mild soap. Dry your hands with a clean and lint-free cloth before you handle the lens.
  • Always handle the lens with the tips of your fingers and avoid touching the lens with your fingernails. We recommend that you keep your fingernails short and even.

Inserting the lens

  • Make sure that the lens is not inside-out (see figures 1 & 2).
  • Place the lens on the tip of your index finger.
  • Place the middle finger of the same hand beneath your lower eyelashes, and carefully pull down your lower eyelid.
  • Use the middle finger on your other hand to carefully lift your upper eyelid (see figure 3).
  • Carefully insert the lens into your eye (see figures 3 & 4)
  • Carefully release your eyelids and blink. The lens will now position itself in the centre of your eye.

Removing the lens

  • Wash and dry your hands thoroughly.
  • Carefully pull your eyelids apart in the same way as when you inserted the lens. Grip the lens between your thumb and index finger (see figure 4).
  • Remove the lens.


  • If your eyes become irritated or red, or if they start to hurt, remove your contact lenses immediately and contact your optician.
  • Immediately remove and replace damaged, dirty or scratched contact lenses.
  • Remove your contact lenses before you use eyedrops or ointment unless you have received other instructions from your optician.
  • Contact lenses should NOT be worn during water sports unless you also wear waterproof goggles.
  • Do NOT wear contact lenses while sleeping.



Available at most pharmacies

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